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TESTIMONIALS | Caribbean Chemicals Guyana Ltd.
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      I use Caribbean Chemicals products because they are sure to work and I know that they are genuine. What I like best are the seeds. I support my family on a small area so I have to use every square foot. I must plant a variety that will give me maximum production. The service and advice is A1.
      - Kaitram Sukhlal, Farmer, Albion

      Without Caribbean Chemical products I would not be able to grow my cabbage. The insects are very difficult to control and quickly become resistant. Caribbean Chemicals are always working on new products to control the pests. When nothing else could work they brought in ‘phoenix’, and it saved my crop.
      - Chandradatt, Farmer, Parika

      I grow tomato, sweet pepper, and other vegetables for a living. To grow these things I need quality pesticides, fertilizers and seeds. I especially like the organic fertilizers and plant stimulants. ‘Bountiful Harvest’ gives me strong roots and ‘Greenstim’ helps to keep the plants in good condition in dry or wet weather. Foliar fertilizers like ‘Phortify’ and ‘Sugar Express’ boost production.
      The advice given by Caribbean Chemicals is critical. For example I now know I need to supplement heavily with calcium and add ‘Breakthru’ or ‘Spray-aide’ whenever I spray.

      - Motilall Chumandath, Farmer, Mahaica

      My business has truly grown with Caribbean Chemicals over the years. For the type of farming that I do I need a wide variety of inputs, and I have to be assured of the quality of the product delivered to me. Caribbean Chemicals is a one-stop-shop where I can find all my fertilizer and pesticide needs.
      The relationship I have with the company is such that I feel comfortable that every effort is made to meet my needs. I trust their advice and their products. They are accessible to me whenever I need them and their staff is knowledgeable, efficient and helpful.

      - Alex Mendes, Dubulay Ranch, Berbice River

      Caribbean Chemicals not only market agro products but also ensure that the products are fully tested before releasing. They are strong in Research and Extension work. I feel very secure in using these products for my rice cultivation.
      - Imam Bacchus, Farmer/Miller/Businessman, Affiance, Essequibo Coast

      Services provided by Caribbean Chemicals are of a high standard, products are being delivered at your home on a timely basis. You can guarantee quality products as against other sources.
      Caribbean Chemicals is good in Extension work and providing sound technical advice.

      - Mohamed Rafeeoodeen, Large farmer, Bust Lot, West Coast Berbice

      Rice products that are being marketed by Caribbean Chemicals are of a high quality as compared to traders.
      Terns of payment are good because you have the time to secure the funds. Before Caribbean Chemicals commercialized on a product, trials are being conducted so that farmers can see the efficacy. Their technical team is very good in giving advice.

      - Alfred Crawford, Large farmer, Tempie, West Coast Berbice

      Caribbean Chemicals is known to market quality products at good prices. They have introduced products to cover all areas of plant protection. Their technical staff is highly trustworthy and reliable.
      They are very good in conducting trials and give good advice.

      - Bheesham Oodit, Large farmer, Weldaad, Berbice

      The Peanut CRSP Project began in 2001 with the objective of increasing peanut productivity in Region 9 and lowering farmers’ costs of production. Financial and technical support was provided by the USA Universities of Georgia and Florida. For the next ten years, whenever farm inputs were needed, Caribbean Chemicals was our first stop. Their technical personnel willingly dedicated their time and expertise to help our experts find the best products for each specific task. Caribbean Chemicals has played an important role in the project’s success.
      - Jerry La Gra, Executive Officer, Society for Sustainable Operational Strategies (SSOS)


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